Cindi Wicklund fotografia is a boutique photography studio specializing in Weddings and Engagements,  Portraits, + Movement.  Described as a contemporary image maker, she is inspired by beautiful light, creating gorgeous editorial style images. 
The day after your wedding you will wake up to a sneak peek gallery of beautiful images waiting for you!  


I am pretty much obsessed with beautiful light and unassuming locations. It is not unusual for me to spend a day location scouting - just poking around Vancouver looking for little nooks and crannies. I am typically looking for an element of simplicity.  No matter how many times I shoot at a wedding venue I always scout out new spots in the area. Sometimes that is a simple wall or lush forest while other times it is a busy street or office building where my editorial style can be realized. And my apologies to those who have had a 3 x 3 foot area to stand in, but with the most amazing light so in the end it was all worth it!!

Mostly I love when my bride and groom can look at an image that brings them back to that very moment - the surroundings, the emotions, the love, the laughter - all of it.  My anticipation skills allow me to capture all the in between moments of a bride and groom's most important day.  It's really about all those in between moments that you can't quite put your finger on, that you cannot plan or pose for.  The key is collaborating with my clients to create those iconic images that you can look back on for a lifetime.

My focus for the day is to make sure you simply experience your wedding day moment by moment.  I am there to tell your story and am always honoured to be the one to document such a brilliant day.

"We woke up the morning after our wedding day to a gallery of images and we were overwhelmed by what Cindi had created. We laughed and cried while we re-lived the day. From the details and candid moments to the joy we shared throughout the day - all of it captured beautifully. We honestly did not even remember some of the moments until we saw the gorgeous images! What a way to wake up on our first day as husband and wife."

"cindi's background in design is evident in her pure, editorial style resulting in innovative candid and cover worthy images"

cindi wicklund is a contemporary image maker - the balance between preparation and spontaneity.